Of times past long,
Of memories held dear,
Of decaying monuments,
Made when were young,

Broken edifice pierces soul,
Awakening the forgotten,
Hurt unfolds from recesses,
Unseen Unknown Unmerciful,

Burst from passion,
Patience holds all,
Lethargy dominates,
Will must shine trhough,

To embrace hope,
To yield the heart,
To carry on despite of lack,
Remember, Learn, Earn,

-Ahmad Hilmi-
The Void

The velvety softness of the night sky calls to me,
It's sweet emptiness a mirror of my soul,
Vast, forbidding darkness, unbound, endless,
Oh, How such beauty tugs at my heart,

But what of the stars? bright and sparkling,
Before, my sights were as yours are,
Now, I see not them, nor what you call,
The moon. MY sky is all, Serene Loneliness,

I miss not the decorated heavens,
For the fathomless void and unmarked beauty,
Hides in it's folds meaning and reason,
That none seem to search nor long for.

-Ahmad Hilmi-