I wrote this in 1998
An email friend replied, his name is Ishak, I ve lost touch with him
The waiting.

Waiting for the dawn the night the day
Waiting and waiting for change
For signs
For gloom to lift
For healing , for pain to ease
for life , for death
for hurts to heal
waiting ,   its what I do worst

Suriya copyright


dawn, night and day
will appear
no matter what

each with
its serenity
its silence
its life
its mystery
its surprises

why wait
  for signs
     for gloom to lift

         when love
      in its grandeur
 in the silence of the night
      in the serenity
       of the moment
        in the depth
         of its womb

  has the power
to make
   the gloom  lift
     the pains ease
       the hurts heal

          the waiting
                makes it

for verily
  the patient
     the believer
         always wins....