This is my contribution to Islamic spiritual healing. Islamic Spiritual Healing is a form of energy healing and like all energy healing modules involves intention to heal and healing by touch as well as distant healing. Besides this , we also do chanting of mantras which is called zikr an arabic word which means rememberance. Prayers and also breath practises form the rest of the practises that train a person to  allow their bodies to become a chanel for healing people, plants animals and situations.Developing intuition and gaining a wider perspective on Truth or Haq are "side effects" of doing the practises and doing healing.I would also like to think one  becomes closer to understanding the purpose of one's existence as well and become more able to help others to heal while  healing one's self.



Articles in Bahasa Melayu

Surrendering to God  as a tool for Healing.
If there is anything that works against the vanity of the ego, it is love. The nature of  love is to surrender

The Wounded Healer
No one escapes being wounded. Most of us survive our wounds but some of our wounds continue to cripple us 

Attitude Towards Life
The Cause of All Negative Emotions is a disruption in the Body's Energy System. So reads the caption in the beginning of the 

Introduction to Energy Healing
Nur Syifa is a spiritual healing system that uses the touch, prayers, zikr  and inquiry with presence.

Hadith on Energy healing.html

Narrated Sa'd:     I suffered from an illness. The Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him)  came to pay a  visit to me.

We are healers wise men from the East
We have cured many from sorrow and blindness
We uproot the cause of all pain
We bring the dead to life because
we have learnt our skills from Christ
ask those who have witnessed our signs
We mix our medicene from plants of Paradise
and need no instruments
for we run through the body like thought.
We are healers of spirit and do not look for reward

But before we leave
remember not to speak of us, guard your words for this world is full of unfriendly ears.

-- Ghazal (Ode) 1474


Al  Muid is one of Allah's 99 names.
This quality can be described thus:
    It’s a kind of resilience. If we’re walking in the forest and move a branch of a tree, it will go back to its initial state unless we’ve damaged it. The rain forests will grow again. Many species will die, but there will be other species. There is that basic resilience, an ability of nature to self-organize itself, of the body to self-organize itself.
    The electromagnetic field is the template in which the body is configured – the cells of the body. Actually the aura of light is a template in which the electromagnetic field is configured. We can even reach a level of reality beyond light. The light we normally experience is only a sliver of the reality of light. It’s only one dimension of light. There are many dimensions of light. Eventually we will learn to heal with light. ( quoted from Pir Vilayat)


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