Klinik Taqwa is a family clinic that offers conventional and alternative treatment for the whole family.contact the clinic at
06 3842200 for appointments.
Klinik Taqwa

Modalities available include:


This is a healing method that is based on similia similibus curentor or, like cures like. The method originated with Dr Samuel Hahneman a German physician in the 18th Century.Remedies used in homeopathy come from substances present in our lives and are from the plant, mineral and  animal kingdoms. A homeopathic consultation takes time and many questions are asked  in order to be able to match the patient's symptoms and signs to the remedy. The way the illness manifests is very important in homeopathy and will determine what remedy is given. To learn more, please click on the link below.

Link to Homeopathy Home, a comprehensive website on homeopathy
Nutritional approaches to health

I often find that many people do not see any relationship between health and what we eat. I am amazed sometimes when someone comes to me and asks me for something to rid them of their tiredness , asking for herbs and tonics while at the same time they tell me they do not eat any breakfast and do not have time for lunch!
At the same time, there are those who do not understand what makes them grow fat and again cannot see the connection between what they have been eating and doing and the weight gain.  In my practise I will make recommendations on what to eat and also what supplements to take according to the needs of the client. Supplements can be very confusing these days because of the huge amount of supplements available as well as the  many choices..

Link to website on Nutritional and dietary approaches to health
Chelation Therapy

I do chelation in the clinic. Chelation removes heavy metal toxins from the blood and when done repeatedly, eventually from the tissues. Investigations that will be conducted before this therapy is recommended include ECG, ESR and determination of the serum creatinine as well  the urine creatinine clearence since adequate kidney function is needed for this treatment to succeed.Chelation improves the circulation of blood and seems to revascularise blocked arteries and cappiliaries. The FDA has approved of chelation to be used as an adjunct and preparatory to angioplasty and bypass operations. However many doctors have found that after a chelation, an angioplasty or bypass may not be necessary.Since the weblink I have provided below is very comprehensive, please click on this link to learn more about this intravenous therapy using Sodium EDTA as the chelating agent.
Links to Chelation Therapy Website
Healing and Spiritual Counselling

Compassionate listening, resolving emotional traumas by being present to the breath and the inner self, using touch to heal are all part of this method of healing called Nur Syifa. This method of healing is offered by me in my climic by appointment. You may phone for an appointment.

Link to an introduction to  Nur Syifa