I am a Medical Doctor. I graduated from the University of Alexandria Egypt with a Medical degree in 1980. Since then I also have worked for and obtained a postgraduate Diploma in Reproductive Medicine and I am a member of the Faculty of Homeopathy United Kingdom (MFHom)UK. I am also a certified professional coach and trainer.
I have my own private practice in Melaka, Malaysia.


Coaching is assisting and empowering a person, organisation or team to achieve their desired outcomes. Coaches do this through a structured and professional process combining sophisticated training, expanding awareness and designing supportive environments that inspire growth. More...


Spiritual Healing  that uses zikr and breath, involves intention to heal and healing by touch as well as distant healing. Prayers and also breath practices form the rest of the practices that train a person to allow their bodies to become a channel for healing people, plants animals and situations. Ultimately, that which heals is only God.
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Klinik Taqwa is located in Masjid Tanah new town area, on the same row as KFC. Klinik Taqwa offers conventional medical treatment. On the first floor of the same building is our complementary health center Light of Healing Treatment and Training center. More....


EFT is Emotional Freedom Technique 

It is a method of removing our emotional issues that become barriers to our progress in life. We may not realise the emotional burdens that weigh us down and give us limiting beliefs as well as fixed ways of doing things.
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